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Protein Kinase CK2

CK2 Product Line

CK2 as Drug Target

CK2 plays a role in a number of cellular processes, including maintenance of cell viablity, protection of cells from apoptosis, cellular stress response. Its overexpression is associated with tumor development and CK2 has been shown to be involved in a variety of other diseases, such as glomerulonephritis, globozoospermia, inflammatory and autoimmune disease, cardiac hypertrophy. Hence, CK2 is considered a promising drug target.

CK2 Product Line

KinaseDetect offers the most complete CK2 product line. We provide all three subunits (alpha 1, alpha 2, beta), deletion mutants, holoenzymes containing either the alpha 1 or alpha 2 subunit as well as monoclonal antibodies against the catalytic and regulatory subunits.


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Product Product Information Request Price or Further Information
CK2 alpha 1 (1-335), crystallization grade Datasheet Inquire
CK2 alpha 1 full length Datasheet Inquire
CK2 alpha, Zea mays, crystallization grade Datasheet Inquire
CK2 alpha 2 Datasheet Inquire
CK2 beta Datasheet Inquire
CK2 beta mutants   Inquire
CK2 holoenzyme (alpha 1 1-335), crystallization grade Datasheet Inquire
CK2 holoenzyme (alpha 1 full length)   Inquire
CK2 holoenzyme (alpha 2) Datasheet Inquire
CK2 substrate peptide 1 Datasheet Inquire
CK2 substrate peptide 2 Datasheet Inquire
Anti CK2 alpha (1AD9) Datasheet Inquire
Anti CK2 beta (6D5) Datasheet Inquire
Resorufin Datasheet Inquire
ARC(CK2)-Fluo1 Assay Kit Datasheet Inquire

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Related Literature

CK2 as Drug Target

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Poster on "Resorufin: A Lead for a New Protein Kinase CK2 Inhibitor" presented by KinaseDetect at Screening Europe 2009 in Berlin, Germany.

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Antibodies against CK2 subunits

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