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ISOLATE - Developing single cell technologies for systems biology

ISOLATE is a project under the Marie Curie Initial networks (ITN), Call: FP7-PEOPLE-2011-ITN
Project Description
ISOLATE will develop novel technology for single cell cultivation, handling and analysis and utilize
these technological capabilities to answer complex biological questions,
thereby integrating development and application of those novel technologies. The biological questions to be answered are connected to the complex processes of metabolism
– an area with recognized importance for health and disease (cf. Science’s special issue on metabolism, Dec 3, 2010; Nature’s “New year, new science" outlook for 2011).
Tight integration of development and application of newtechnologies in a clearly defined scientific context not only ensures target-oriented development and immediate feedback
to the developers but also ensures that a generation of young researchers is trained that can truly maneuver in a multidisciplinary environment. Specifically, we will develop
microfluidics-based devices for single cell cultivation, highly sophisticated optical methods for protein analysis on the single cell level, and tools for metabolite analysis and for
visualizing certain signaling processes in single cells. We will use these technologies to study complex phenomena in glucose signaling and metabolism of the budding yeast,
S. cerevisiae, as a eukaryotic model organism. Yeast is a single-celled organism with similar metabolic phenomena as human cells while being amenable to genetic
and quantitative analysis. Yeast is very commonly employed in measurement development projects.

ISOLATE is focused on the following specific research objectives (ROs):
RO1: To develop an array-based microfluidic cultivation device for yeast cells
RO2: To develop an optical tweezer-based microfluidic cultivation device for yeast cells
RO3: To develop nano-biosensors to measure temporal behavior of metabolites in single cells
RO4: To develop a mass-spectrometry based method for single yeast cell metabolomics
RO5: To develop an approach for imaging of kinase activity in single yeast cells
RO6: To develop imaging tools for single-molecule optical proteomics in single yeast cells
RO7: To understand metabolic oscillations in single yeast cells
RO8: To understand the system properties of glucose-induced signal transduction through the AMP-activated Snf1 signaling kinase in yeast
Participating Partners
University of Gothenburg, Cell and Molecular Biology, Stefan Hohmann
University of Gotherburg, Physics, Mattias Goksor
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Molecular Systems Biology, Matthias Heinemann
ETH Zurich, Biosystems Science and Engineering, Andreas Hierlemann
ETH Zurich, Analytical Chemistry, Renato Zenobi
University of Oxford, Physics, Mark Leake
University of Southern Denmark, Biochemistry, Lars Folke Olsen
Laboratory Imaging s.r.o., Image analysis, Josef Mikes
KinaseDetect ApS, Biotechnology, Olaf-Georg Issinger
Bruker Daltonik, Analytical Sciences, Arnd Ingendoh
Workshop on "Drug Discovery" organized by KinaseDetect, Odense, Denmark, May 15, 2014

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